Do you know your Employees' Skills?

We use machine learning to develop your employees' skills in the age of digital transformation. Through data analysis and matching we find suitable continuing education programs for the desired skills. 


The Transformation demands new Skills from your Employees

Don't miss out on the chance to prepare your company for the future.

In-Depth Analysis of the Capabilities of your Employees

We use artificial intelligence to automatically analyze and recognize patterns in your employee's CV and develop recommendations for further action based on aggregated market data. 

The knowledge about your employees' capabilities is crucial for further transformations. 

Continuing Education Programs for every Employee

We are able to find an individual education program for every employee and create the best possible action plan. 

Motivation is the Key to Success

We know how important "lifelong learning" is, which is why we believe that motivation through gamification is the best way to support your employees through the whole journey.

Strong Partnerships - Extensive Data Base

We teamed up with strong partners and the crawled data provide an unbiased overview of the most important courses. 

Plans & pricing


29 CHF/month

    1-5 Users

    Free Support 

    Limited Access






139 CHF/month

    6 - 49 Users 

    Free Support 

    Unlimited Access






239 CHF/month

    50 - 99 Users 

    Free Support 

    Unlimited Access

    Option to choose a Provider 




Prof. Plus

549 CHF/month

    Max. 300 Users 

    Free Support 

    Unlimited Access

    Option to choose a Provider 





1499 CHF/month

    Max. 500 Users

    Free Support 

    Unlimited Access

    Option to choose a Provider 

    Inhouse Courses 

    Hosted incl. Domain 

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